Pledge Campaign Restart … And Re-Affirmation

A big thank you for the continued contributions for everyone who is allowing us to weather the storm and sailing our ship into a safe harbor for fiscal year ending shortly. Since informally resuming our Pledge Campaign for ’20-’21, we have already achieved a $10,000 “matching grant” from a generous member based on those who’ve increased their pledges for the new fiscal year.
Since our $10,000 match has already been met, our priority is for those who are still to pledge to maintain your level in the new fiscal year beginning in July. Of course, there are those among us who have been deeply affected financially by the pandemic. Your “job one” may be survival and we respect that. In addition, this is an opportunity for anyone who previously pledged to adjust your amount due to changing circumstances. If that is the case, please send an e-mail to
Thanks again for all those who have given and are contemplating it! Your donations will help us continue our vital work!

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