Families of all types and sizes, and people of all ages are welcome in our church community. It is our hope that everyone will feel accepted here, and that children and families know they are a vital part of our congregation.

We recognize that families are the primary faith educators of their children. As such we thank you for taking the time to learn and develop your faith skills together.

For Sunday mornings . . .

You have many options for your family on Sunday morning. First, you are always welcome to attend worship together. There is an activity nook in the back of the sanctuary for wiggly hands and bodies to borrow items and use them in the nook or bring them back to your seats. The audio for service is broadcast into the Gerber Room and nursery (both right outside the sanctuary) if you choose. See our nursery page for information pertaining to toddlers and babies. There are typically grade-specific programs for children and youth.

Beyond Sunday mornings . . .

In addition to learning programming offered on Sunday morning, our community strives to offer a few times a year for relationship building, such as service projects, camp outs, and picnics in local parks.

During the week . . .

Here’s a sampling of resources available to you throughout the week:

Parenting Group: The Parenting Group meets approximately once a month for a potluck gathering at a rotation of member homes. Meetings balance social time with often a pertinent short program with a guest speaker for adults in the family. Programs include topics such as social justice or talking to kids about death, dying and grief.

Soul Matters – Soulful Home: This monthly at-home packet weaves spiritual exploration into the routine spaces of family life. Activities are often highlighted in newsletter.

Church Family Library: The library helps families enrich their understanding of faith development, have conversations regarding the “big stuff,” or retell stories from worship as the bedtime story all week. Contact our Director of Religious Education to set up borrowing. Books are also available for purchase at inSpirit, the UUA bookstore. Consider adding these to your permanent collection:

  • UU Hymnals: Singing the Living Tradition, Singing the Journey, Las Voices del Camino
  • UU Stories like: “A Lamp in Every Corner” or “Hide and Seek with God”
  • About Series UU Book for Kids: “Death,” “God,” “Right & Wrong”
  • Books for UU Parenting like: Come into the Circle: Tending the Flame: The Art of Unitarian Universalist Parenting; Sunday and Every Day; The Gift of Faith