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Feb 2-Mar 3, 2024

Small reception Feb 2 from 6-8pm. No admission cost and light food provided by The Doubletree hotel.

Queremos Justicia: How We Shut Down Berks


Presented by GoggleWorks

For eight years the Shut Down Berks Coalition fought to close the Pennsylvania immigrant prison for families, then later adult women. On January 31st, 2023, the coalition of immigrant leaders, organizers, grassroots groups, interfaith leaders, lawyers, and activists, WON.

“Queremos Justicia’” tells the story through art of how the Shut Down Berks Coalition organized to close an immigrant prison. This multimedia exhibit explores the art made for the campaign and how it played an invaluable role in education, mobilization, and community building. The viewer will learn about the organizing strategy executed by the coalition, the artists who supported the campaign and most importantly, view the art and messages of families held at the Berks County Detention Center themselves.