Month: May 2020

Univoice Weekly

Rising to the Occasion. Rev. Sage Olnick, our Community Affiliated Minister, leads us in this morning’s service. Covid19 has required us to make many changes and sacrifices. This Sunday we will consider how we each have risen to the occasion and honored our commitment to the interdependent web of which we are a part. We will do so in song, reflection, and ritual.”

Making Sabbath Space through Sound

I started thinking this week – what do I already do and have to create sacred space in my home. I could write about how sacred space comes in through singing a hymn to myself or listening to a playlist. Sabbath space is slightly different though. It’s the act of setting aside time and space for worship, rest and connection.

Magical Missives

In May Kent, Ms Erin and I have been sending out postcards to the children and youth at UUBerks. On the picture side they had a coloring sheet. It was a white background and black lines. It was full of possibility. The image for this post is T. Hauk’s creation he filled in with watercolor.

This month we continue to strengthen our connections in new and creative ways. I’m inviting you to enter into a fun and simple spiritual practice that UU religious educator Kimberly Sweeny shared with me. In 2015 Kim started writing letters! MAGICAL letters. The Soulful Home packet explains:

don’t miss the opening

by nadine smet-weiss, spiritual director in these days of shutting down what longing is breaking open in you like seed seeking light urging you to be the space for some new form of life in the world

5 Reasons To Attend Virtual General Assembly June 24-28

There are countless reasons to attend General Assembly. But here are 5 to consider this year: Featured Speaker Series – including Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, an historian, writer, and professor emeritus in Ethic Studies at California State University and author of ​the award-winning 2019-2020 UU Common Read An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States. General Sessions (registration not … Continue reading 5 Reasons To Attend Virtual General Assembly June 24-28