Month: September 2022

Univoice Weekly

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is considered the most important holiday in Jewish faith. This day marks the peak of the 10 Days of Awe. Join us as we explore the lessons of Yom Kippur.

mirror, mirror

nadine j. smet-weiss

spiritual director

have you


in the mirror



face to face

with the truth

of you



of being


to become

your dream

In the Interim

by Rev. Amy

October’s theme is Courage

Growing up unchurched, I knew what spirituality felt like.  But the first time I felt like mine fit into an existing, established way of thinking or believing was when I studied Existentialism.  In the philosophy and practice of existentialism we … read more.

Univoice Weekly

Rev. Amy shares some pagan spirituality as we turn the star wheel toward Autumn and the Coming Winter. Mabon concentrates on the balance between light and dark at this time of year, leading us to the days of Samhain and the second harvest, when the earth becomes dark again. Let us celebrate the fading light together.

We’re On Our Way!

For hundreds of thousands of years singing and songs have been a tool to bolster our courage.

Another way we can “have heart” when faced with a path that feels daunting is to use curiosity and a spirit of adventure!

In September we … read more.