Month: January 2020

Univoice Weekly

Worship Service: Why Talk About Class? Randy Newnham, Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees, Tracie Greth. When asked about their class background, most people in the United States describe themselves as middle class. Doctors, hourly workers, Ivy League graduates alike do this. Yet our different backgrounds offer different points of view and reference, and among UUs we are often reluctant to share or acknowledge these differences. Today we’ll share stories of class as a way to make space for more ways of being in our faith community.

resilience embedded

by nadine j. smet-weiss

spiritual director

sitting here with my breath i am reminded

of the heart at the heart of each being

infinitesimal spark of light

hidden in each and every form

unfolding through the eons

becoming unending

appears to falter

mystery moves

 spark ignites



There is a love

In this month where we can be bombarded by conversation hearts and chocolates – I’m reminded that while valentines day can get stuck on one kind of love the ancient Greeks identified 8 different types of love.  I’m also reminded that unconditional love, affectionate love, … read more.

How we hang in there

The word resilience is made from the Latin word re meaning “back” and saliens “the beginning, the starting point, the heart of the thing”.  So to be resilient is to return to the heart of ourselves. That returning?  It’s a journey, a motion. … read more.

Univoice Weekly

Worship Service: Creeds, Credos, and Covenants, Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees. Unitarian Universalism is non-creedal in its approach to religion. Instead we are covenantal, focusing on relationship in community, and on building individual credos that express our beliefs. This morning the youth group will join in sharing their credos. The monthly share-the-plate collection will benefit The Spectrum, which provides a safe, supportive, and empowering environment for LGBTQ+ youth.

What Does It Mean To Be a People of Resiliency?

February 2020

Things seem like they’re spinning out of control. We can respond to this state of affairs with fear, aggression, and selfishness, or we can respond out of trust in our vast, open, basically good mind, which is timelessly aware, yet empty of imputed meanings. … read more.


Two homeless families need your help this week. We still need 8 volunteers. Your contribution makes a big difference in the life of Christy, her 5 children and Anna and her 1-yr-old son. 

Drop off a meal at 6:15pm: Jan. 25, 26, 28, 29 and Feb. … read more.