Month: May 2021


by nadine j. smet-weiss

spiritual director

i have a friend

who highly recommends

the regular practice

of recess

most especially

for grown ups

a play full pause

or two

during the day

for the soul purpose

of experiencing

the wonder

of being


Let it be a Dance…!

So I’m hoping that we can play together, that we can dance for a long time. I’d like to ask you to play with me as our hymn #311, written by Ric Masten asks “Let it be a dance we do, may I have this dance with you…”

Univoice Weekly

“Tell Me A Story”. How many of us have had our whole worlds changed by another person’s story? A moment of shared connection, a song, a moment of creating together? In this collaborative service, adults and children from our Growing Anti-Racist UUs program will open up their own spiritual toolboxes and ask you to explore yours, too. We’ll be joined by a special guest, Omar Mohamed, who has woven his own life story into an award-winning graphic novel. Together, we will open and explore the ways that story, art, connection, and spiritual attention can help us live lives of empathy, meaning, and justice. 

Go Slowly, Hold Lightly

Dear Members and Friends,

I return to UU Berks from sabbatical rested, renewed, inspired – and missing you! I am eager to reconnect and looking forward to gatherings and conversations, hearing your stories and discovering what is on your hearts and minds. If you’re wondering “What … read more.


We are now selecting the next FIVE organizations we will support during our next six-month cycle. We ask that you nominate and suggest local organizations to be placed on the eventual ballot.

By clicking the link below you will find a listing of past Special Plate … read more.

Univoice Weekly

Stories that Set Us Free. Rev. Sage Olnick. Laura Hershey wrote, “…Those without power risk everything to tell their story and must.” This Sunday we will consider the stories we tell and retell to encourage us onward.