Month: November 2019

Univoice Weekly

Worship Service: The Awe in Nature.
Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees. Nature fills us with awe. Standing beneath the stars or on the top of a mountain or both can leave us breathless and more alive than we ever imagined possible. Join us as we explore nature’s essential role in our lives and our spiritual community.

Awe: That Ache in the Heart

Our expression “awe” is rooted in the Greek word
áchos which also gives us the word ache. That
vastness we experience in awe opens an ache in the
heart, and by doing so, expands it.

from the Dictionary

Awe opens that beautiful ache in the heart. … read more.

Univoice Weekly

Worship Service: Giving Thanks.
Ebee Bromley, Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees.
In this all-ages service of gratitude, we’ll focus our attention on what we are grateful for. Join us in story, song, and sharing in this lively, participatory Sunday morning experience.

Univoice Weekly

This Sunday: Worship Service:
Hush, Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees.
It is increasingly difficult to find silence in our world, to discover places where we can be in solitude away from the noisiness, busyness, and distractions of life. This morning we’ll explore the need and longing our spirits have for moments of hushing. The service will include recognition of Transgender Day of Remembrance. And we’ll take our once-a-month special collection, this month to benefit Safe Berks, formerly Berks Women in Crisis

Annual Holiday Gift Tree

Our church community will again be participating in the Berks Connections Pretrial Services (BCPS) holiday gift tree. The gifts will go to families with a parent that is in the Berks County Prison. The gifts are given to the families at a holiday party.

Kent and … read more.