Month: July 2020

Univoice Weekly

Floating in a Time of Collective Trauma. Lauren Fritz. What a unique time we find ourselves navigating. We’ll look at understanding the effects that this time has on our individual and collective psyches. We’ll then learn how to embrace the concept of adaptive floating when facing the unknowns in our paths.

Seeking Special Plate Suggestions

The Special Plate collection is a ministry of our church that connects us tangibly to our neighboring agencies and social justice partners.  Once a month, First UU Berks designates a Sunday offering collection to benefit a Reading-Berks non-profit organization working on issues that reflect our … read more.

A Bubble Meditation

Last month our nursery coordinator, Ms Barb Kolar, shared her home altar on our RE facebook group. On her altar sits a jar of bubbles. Would you join me this month in a bubble meditation?

Striking a Chord

We were perfectly happy with the chord on the left.  It’s easy to play on the piano at least.  That chord is probably one of the first things piano folx learn how to play.   

The middle one makes the same chord, same notes but it’s harder.  … read more.

A Collective Pause

The Ministry & Operations Team has come to the decision that the church will collectively take a week off from Monday, August 31 through Monday, September 7 (Labor Day).

This will include a break from service on Sept 6th. The hope is that this will provide … read more.

Univoice Weekly

Learning how to live from those who are dying. Rev. Sage Olnick. This Sunday Rev Sage will explore how her Community Ministry as a hospice chaplain inspires and deepens a Unitarian Universalist identity.