Month: January 2023

A playlist that love built …

Have you ever been gifted or have you ever gifted to someone a playlist?  Was it to give to a new love?  Was it to share with an old friend?  Was it to help you mark a season of life? 

Whether it was through 8-track, tape, … read more.

be love

by nadine j. smet-weiss
spiritual director

to thine
own self
be love
what part
you wonder
i have
so many
be love
to that
in you
from that
of loving
that part
of you
be love
the world


Our theme is love. Even though February is all about hearts and Valentines Day,
the love on my mind is not flowery or romantic. The love on my mind is an action
more than a feeling, and sometimes it looks more like hard work than pleasure.
When we … read more.

Univoice Weekly

This week we will examine the long and distinguished history of this congregation.  Part of the work of the interim time is to know and claim our history, so let us delve into this task with curiosity.

Univoice Weekly

Join us for our celebration of the life of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Rev. Amy will reflect on the work of following his dream until it is realized.