To keep members and friends informed about church services, programs, and activities, we provide a weekly e-newsletter. Contact our church office to be added and also check our church calendar.

  • Univoice Weekly June 2, 2023

    When we listen to the visionaries of our time, they come back to the central tenant that we must realize we are one – beyond race, beyond caste, beyond opposing viewpoints. Explore this species dependent, inextricable connection with us today.

  • Univoice Weekly May 26, 2023

    Memorial Day weekend falls within Mental Health Awareness month.  While it is always a fine balancing act to stay on the healthy side of life, grief, trauma, and The Pandemic make it more challenging.  Come and be with your people this morning—you will feel better.

  • Univoice Weekly May 19, 2023

    Mystery Pals get revealed, we hold a New Member Ceremony, and afterward, we have our semi- annual Congregational Meeting 

  • Univoice Weekly May 12, 2023

    This Mother’s Day, we will reflect upon the indigenous belief that there is both feminine and masculine energy in all of us. We will explore how each one of us can bring the qualities of the feminine and our mother energy to the  healing and recreation so desperately needed in our world.

  • Univoice Weekly May 5, 2023

    This year our youth have been exploring their personal connections and understandings of our 8 UU principles in Jill Novensky’s All8 curriculum. We invite you to a time of reflection through the process of visual art. What a great way to kick off our month where we ask – What does it mean to be ...

  • Univoice Weekly April 28, 2023

    Recently finished teaching this comprehensive sexuality course at UU Berks, highly acclaimed instructors Amber Brown and Nic Stolzfus share what they learned from teaching the class.

  • Univoice Weekly April 21, 2023

    All of this talk about a search committee and the budget and General Assembly and the annual meeting… is time to check in on how our spiritual life is doing as tasks for the transition pick up momentum.

  • Univoice Weekly April 14, 2023

    Today we honor our mother with the transformative love of the Flower Ceremony and celebrate Earth Day.  Bring flowers and take home different ones.  Bring a friend, too, to enjoy this meaningful day.

  • Univoice Weekly April 7, 2023

    Wear your Easter bonnets and be ready to explore what Easter can mean to those of us whose religion is named for 2 Christian doctrines.  Note to seasoned UU Berks folks, Flower Ceremony is next week.  

  • Univoice Weekly March 31, 2023

    Rev. Amy weaves us through a collection of scripture and stories that have inspired people to be resilient.