• The Art of Setting Intentions
    Here’s what I discovered. Intention is different from setting goals or resolutions in that it “pulls us into” who we truly are. Goals and resolutions “push us out” into future possibilities. To set intentions, we must listen to our inner voice which tells us who we truly are.                                                                    Katie Covey, Soul Matters Director ...

Director of Music
Elizabeth “Ebee” Bromley
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?
    This month our collective focus at UUBerks is exploring ways in which our times call us to “Open to Joy.”   Certainly the music of this month often resounds with Joy.  A lot of songs tell us to be joyful “Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice Greatly!” Handel wrote.  He also has that lasting ditty “Hallelujah.” There’s more recent additions ...
Religious Director
Elizabeth “Ebee” Bromley
  • Chalice Lighting for November’s theme of Holding History
    Who have you lit your home chalice with? Who will you light it with? Your cat? Your dog? Your loved ones around the table? Robin Slaw, masters level DRE at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia, Maryland; a soul matters congregation, created this chalice lighting to share with us. We hold ...
Spiritual Director
Nadine Smet-Weiss
  • breath blessing
    nadine j. smet-weiss spiritual director my heart hungers for the sense of fullness found in being  truly alive tempted as i am some days to bury that hunger with the busyness of doing my heart will not be satisfied until i honor breath requesting its blessing upon all my doings