• What Does It Mean To Be a People of Resiliency? February 2020 Things seem like they’re spinning out of control. We can respond to this state of affairs with fear, aggression, and selfishness, or we can respond out of trust in our vast, open, basically good mind, which is timelessly aware, yet empty of imputed meanings. How we respond will determine the way the world will ...

Director of Music
Elizabeth “Ebee” Bromley
Religious Director
Elizabeth “Ebee” Bromley
  • Making Integrity To have integrity is to watch how your actions affect you and those around you - is your jenga tower wobbling or is it solid? When do you need to put a piece back? When do you need to pull a piece out and go out on a limb?
Spiritual Director
Nadine Smet-Weiss
  • holy honest i depend upon you to remind me who i am at heart and to hold me accountable for my actions accountable for my words from a place in your heart that recognizes community calls us to truth in love