• The Beauty of Community
    Nurturing Beauty by Rev. Suzelle Lynch Our community is filled with beauty! When you open the door to greet me, that’s where the beauty begins. When you share with me what’s important to you, beauty is there as I listen. When we join hands to practice compassion, beauty’s heart blooms like a flower. When we teach or learn or work ...

Director of Music
Elizabeth “Ebee” Bromley
  • Seek Beauty
    John O’Donohue writes “One of the huge confusions in our times is to mistake glamor for beauty…” This rings true to me.  Too often we fixate on the glamour of The Louvre or a concert stage.  Not often enough do many of us take the time to create beauty and maybe more importantly celebrate the beauty ...
Religious Director
Elizabeth “Ebee” Bromley
  • Bless You!
    “Many see life’s gifts as blessings from God.  Our faith uses the idea of blessing to refer to something good, something that feels like a gift. Celebrating blessings means remembering with gratitude all the good things in our lives.” - Soul Matters 
Spiritual Director
Nadine Smet-Weiss
  • Be More
    by Nadine J. Smet-WeissSpiritual Director do lessbe more