Month: August 2022

Passing of Eileen LePage

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Eileen LePage. Eileen and her husband Cliff were long time members of the church. Eileen sang in the choir for many years. A Celebration of Eileen’s life will be held Friday, September 16, … read more.

A Note from Rev. Amy

Since I started serving you last month, you have been so welcoming to this new
interim minister; we’re off to a wonderful start! At this point, you may be
wondering about more of the specifics of what a two-year interim period is like.
After 2 services lead by … read more.

Belonging To One Another

In all that we belong to and in all that we do this church year, may we seek with open minds, may we nurture with loving hearts and may we serve with helping hands. Blessed be and Amen.

Univoice Weekly

Join Dan Matz this morning for a musical and story filled meditation.  We’ll explore how his views of life after death have changed following his experience in 2020 with a two month long hospital and rehab stay fighting covid.  Leave the service after practicing living in the present moment through listening to original music by Dan Matz written within the past two years.

Solar Subcommittee

Last year we used 37,640 cubic feet of natural gas to heat our buildings.  According to the website that equates to 20.6 metric tons of CO2.  I believe that we can do better.

Solar power has been an ongoing interest of the Building Keepers for … read more.


by nadine j. smet-weiss

spiritual director


be longing

longing to be


be coming

the two betwined

our most authentic



the deep truth

of our 


Univoice Weekly

In this service we will take a sincere and good-humored look at change over time. We will think about how we have changed and how these changes afford us openings to acknowledge what is different, and to find the wonderful space within us for new relationships and growth.

RE Registration for 2022-2023

Registration is open now for our program year. We have some exciting things planned and look forward to what will emerge as we seek, nurture and serve together this year!

To let us know how you plan to engage with our programs this … read more.