Month: July 2022

Univoice Weekly

Contemplate: think about; ponder. Commonly understood as an intellectual exercise. Contemplative: spiritually speaking, a practice of open presence in the world as-it-is. Grounded in the here-and-now with mind, heart and body open to the spirit of life, we are inspired to live in the world with the full wisdom of our being. Join us for a period of contemplative practice and sharing.

Songs for the Journey

Last week, I attended the Association for Unitarian Universalist Music Ministries Conference and Songleaders Convergence. It was restorative, regenerative, and reinvigorating. There will be many ways I’ll be sharing what I learned and relearned over the course of those six days with you this year. For now, I’m going to share three poems and song … Continue reading Songs for the Journey

Contemplative Companions August 2022

Join us on zoom, Monday August 1 st , @ 7:00pm as we gather for an awakening of our senses, connectingwith our surroundings and the present moment. For further information, including the zoom link,contact Nadine at or (484) 333-4015.

Univoice Weekly

This morning we will appreciate our interior parts and their relationships as guides toward harmony with ourselves, each other, and the planet. Using embodiment as a pathway, we might reframe our inner parts from “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” to “the good, no bad, and the relational”.  

Reading Pride Celebration Photos

Way to go Reading Pride on another successful event. It looks like everyone had a great time at their new location. We can’t wait till next year. If you are looking for photos from the event, here is the link to that page. Feel free to download, print and share the photos!

Univoice Weekly

Bring your favorite necklace (malla), rosary, orbracelet with beads or stones. Carla will share images from her trip thru Nepal and facilitate prayers and chants thru beads—a practice common to many faiths. Repeating a sound (mantra) together in community can create peace within ourselves and harmony around the world. 

Univoice Weekly

Faith can be both a guiding light and sustaining force throughout the course of one’s life. In a world that is all too cruel and harsh, faith can be twisted, becoming instead a tool that fosters both isolation and a sense of underwhelm. What do we do when this happens for us as Unitarian Universalists? Come, let us gather in the fortifying spirit of love made known in community as we re-member ourselves, for ourselves, in the presence of all that we choose to name as Holy.

Univoice Weekly

Today, from our own church sanctuary, we will consider what “sanctuary” means in our lives.  We all need places of refuge and protection; maybe now more than ever considering the continuous challenges we are being confronted with. What places, people, or practices feel like a sanctuary to you? In what ways are you yourself a walking sanctuary for others? Together, we will be intentional about offering and receiving the refreshing gifts of sanctuary.