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Music Director Ebee Bromley Monthly Blog

This is Your Song

“This is your chance! I believe everyone has at least one good song in them. There is spirit waiting to break through in all of us, if we are open to it.”

An Opener for Wonder

If you’re having a hard time tapping into your wonder place this month, try singing to yourself this tune, turning to something ordinary nearby and ask a question about it. The melody is a Transylvanian folk tune, the lyrics are by Carl Seaburg, long time UU minister, scholar, writer, and long-serving staff member at the … Continue reading An Opener for Wonder

We’re On Our Way!

For hundreds of thousands of years singing and songs have been a tool to bolster our courage. Another way we can “have heart” when faced with a path that feels daunting is to use curiosity and a spirit of adventure! In September we sang a song written many years ago by children from Adelphi College’s … Continue reading We’re On Our Way!