Hymn Highlight: #1022 Open The Window

Delight, our theme for the month, and delicious share etymological root.  This feels right, delight can feed the soul in a joyful way.  We have to open up and let delight in for it to do so.  

This framework makes me think of Elise Witt’s song in our teal hymnal #1022 “Open The Window.”  Her song is inspired from the Georgia Sea Islands spiritual Heist the Window, Noah. 

Her song uses just one line from the original “let the dove fly in.”   In our hymn, we sing of situations for the dove to fly in, for peace to fly in.  I think that can also be the unexpected, the joyful, the delightful to fly in.  

I encourage you this month to take a moment and sing our hymn with Elise Witt and Lea Morris. 

Elise Witt’s Open the Window with Lea Morris for the Washington Ethical Society

And then ask, what window can you open?  

What might fly in?

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