Author: Elizabeth Bromley

Seek Beauty

John O’Donohue writes “One of the huge confusions in our times is to mistake glamor for beauty…”

This rings true to me.  Too often we fixate on the glamour of The Louvre or a concert stage.  Not often enough do many of us take the time … read more.

“I was today years old when…”

Another way to put this is “I was today years old when…” captures one way to draw from our first of six UU sources “the sense of wonder we all share.”
What understanding did you wake up to lately?

Practice, An Act Renewing Faith

Think of the first instrument you were ever taught in school.  Was it the recorder for you as well?  Or maybe it was the ukulele.  Remember how slow it was to change between one note or chord to the next.  Remember how awkward you first felt to do something new?  But you kept at it…

Doing Church Together

Reopening to Onsite Religious Education for children Sunday Feb 20th
Expanding Religious Education for adults Sunday Feb 20th
(read on for important details)

Moving in Circles

I have always found a need to create.  I remember wanting my creations to be perfect.  For a while I wanted to work on something until it was “done.”  A circle was not a circle until it was complete.  But what happens if we try … read more.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

This month our collective focus at UUBerks is exploring ways in which our times call us to “Open to Joy.”  

Certainly the music of this month often resounds with Joy.  A lot of songs tell us to be joyful “Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice Greatly!” Handel wrote.  He … read more.

November Outdoor RE Hangout Meetup

We are having our third meetup at Angora Orchard on Nov 21st from 1:30 to 2:30 and would love you to attend! Please signup at the link below so we know how many we will be. Signup closes 11/20 by midnight.

UUBerks RE Trunk or Treat at AVCP

Antietam Valley Community Project is hosting a trunk or treat and we’re invited!

Let’s come together to decorate a UU Boo-tacular car for a local trunk-or-treat.

A poll with options on what to decorate the car as will be open through Monday the 25th. You’ll get to … read more.