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December’s theme is Mystery

Ah, mystery. I think of mystery novels and movies. I think of the Mysteries of
Scripture. There are all kinds of mysteries…..but mostly, this year, at this
congregation, I think of the Mystery of The Search.

Who will apply to be the next minister? Who will become a … read more.


Happy Autumn, friends!

The very first Sunday of November is when we experience a time change. (Fall
back) At least with this kind of change that we all experience together, we know it
is coming. So many changes that occur in our lives (like the Pandemic) happen
suddenly, without … read more.

Heritage for October 2023

These days, I approach the word “heritage” very carefully.  So many traditions and customs, when carefully inspected through our 21st century lens do not hold up.  They were charming at one time, but only accessible to a privileged few.  As we see things through more … read more.

Our Stories

In July and August, the Soul Matters group encourages us choose our own theme,
or even forego the thematic schedule. We decided to have a summer theme, for
July and August—Our Stories. Even as we welcome guests to the pulpit, stories
will abound. The act of coming together … read more.


Of course June would contain delight. Not only is it the month when we gather
together for General Assembly, but the weather in most areas is getting luscious.
There are the June celebrations of Juneteenth and Father’s Day and PRIDE, plus,
for some, graduations and the June wedding.
Delight … read more.

May Creativity

Friends, the time for submitting an article has come while I am simultaneously
participating in a weeklong meeting (online) of Interim Ministers AND packing up
my life from Elkhart IN. I hope that you will enjoy this link, or the printed lyrics
of my favorite song for May. … read more.


Truth can be shared with anybody, and honesty is good.  Most of philosophy involves pondering if Truth is an objective value, or subjective.  People tell THE truth and that is called honesty.  But when people share THEIR truth, expressing their innermost, private truths, well, that … read more.


Our theme is love. Even though February is all about hearts and Valentines Day,
the love on my mind is not flowery or romantic. The love on my mind is an action
more than a feeling, and sometimes it looks more like hard work than pleasure.
When we … read more.