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Whether we think about it or not, we live in a religious pluralist world.  The person next to you, even in your own family, is a whole person with their own beliefs that are different from yours.  Even if you are in the same religion.  Being human is to have your own set of rules … Continue reading Pluralism


April is upon us with its April showers, and Earth Day, and our theme ofinterdependence. For this month, more than reading and writing meaningfulwords, I propose we use this space to do meaningful things. Like, notice when weneed somebody or something just as much as it/they need us.Interdependence, depending on each other.Our cat brings joy … Continue reading Interdependence


May Sarton wrote, “Without darkness, nothing comes to birth, As without light, nothing flowers.” We have been living through the necessary darkness, and the days are coming to watch all the flowering.  That is transformation.  In order for anything to transform, necessary changes will happen.  And we all know that change is hard, even when … Continue reading Transformation

Justice and Equity

This graphic, by @restoringracialjustice, shows us what our aspirations look like in action.  February’s theme, from our resource called Soul Matters, is Justice and Equity.  Equality is a tough one to reckon with, because making something legislatively equal does not always cure the problem.  The Supreme Court granted equal access in the right to marry, … Continue reading Justice and Equity

Liberating Love

Years ago when the city of Baltimore was experiencing violence, my friend theRev. David Carl Olson said that “My liberation is tied up with yours.” He wasreferring to a quote that was not merely academic, but lived inside of him. “If youhave come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you … Continue reading Liberating Love


Happy Autumn, friends! The very first Sunday of November is when we experience a time change. (Fallback) At least with this kind of change that we all experience together, we know itis coming. So many changes that occur in our lives (like the Pandemic) happensuddenly, without our permission, or even a friendly heads up. Being … Continue reading Generosity

Our Stories

In July and August, the Soul Matters group encourages us choose our own theme,or even forego the thematic schedule. We decided to have a summer theme, forJuly and August—Our Stories. Even as we welcome guests to the pulpit, storieswill abound. The act of coming together to hear the goings-on of other people,other places, is a … Continue reading Our Stories