April is upon us with its April showers, and Earth Day, and our theme of
interdependence. For this month, more than reading and writing meaningful
words, I propose we use this space to do meaningful things. Like, notice when we
need somebody or something just as much as it/they need us.
Interdependence, depending on each other.
Our cat brings joy and love and we give her joy and love, and food and care.
When necessary, she used to hunt mice. This is a mutually beneficial

Making sure to shop, when possible, at small businesses and not corporations. If
my money keeps them going, and they stock things I need, that is interdependence.
Notice when you do something for somebody else, or the reverse. Small, like,
because a housemate bought the coffee this time, you will prepare a cup for them
along with yours.

Or large, because you believe in the mission of the church, you support them
financially. It is a cycle with no end no beginning. The church gives you
something you need, your money keeps it going, and the cycle of interdependence

Where does interdependence, mutually relying on each other, show up in your life?
More than transactional, more than simple sharing, you need each other, you
depend on each other.

Look for, notice, and mark on your heart, not just the naturally occurring
interdependence of all the earth, but the specific places this cycle of
interdependence shows up in your life and in the world around you.
Doing so will make you feel less alone, more valuable, and maybe connect you to
your own spirituality better.

Happy April, and may you revel in its examples of interdependence all around!
In peace,

Rev. Amy

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