Month: March 2023

Current Revolution: Nation in Transition

“We are a nation in transition.” The shift from fossil fuels to clean energy is rapidly transforming the energy industry with profound impacts on workers and communities. How can we ameliorate the
disruptions and facilitate a just and sustainable transition?

soften open yield

by nadine j. smet-weissspiritual director walkinginto the worldthis dayi electto step softlyupon concreteand asphaltopenbriefdelightfulinteractionswith peoplei passon the streetgraciouslyyieldto driversracing throughred lightsrefusingto braceor hardeni choose aresistancethat seeks toembodylove

Contemplative Companions

Join us on Sunday 4/2 @ 12:00pm for an in person Contemplative Companions session. We will be meeting in person at church after the service (and giving participants some time enjoy coffee hour). Participants are asked to bring a brown bag lunch. For further information contact nadine at or 484-333-4015. 

Resistance is our theme, resilience is our goal

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  (There is argument over who gets the attribution for this quote, but it is a good thought, eloquently stated) Being involved in resistance against evil simply means doing something instead of nothing.  Resistance against evil might take some of … Continue reading Resistance is our theme, resilience is our goal

Food Bank

The Helping Harvest Food Bank held at our church on the 3rd Saturday of each month, is tomorrow (Sat., March 18). To prepare, we need to set up a “store” in the Gerber Room with tables and shelves around 8:30 AM. We will receive a delivery truck from Helping Harvest around 9:30 AM, which contains … Continue reading Food Bank