The Board of Directors and the Ministry & Operations utilize shared governance to shape the vision of the congregation and oversees its financial health. These leaders, with the exception of the minister, are elected by the congregation.
Board Members:
President: Mona McCormick
Vice President: Amber Brown
Secretary: Greg Dimovitz
Members at Large:
Nic Stoltzfus
Mike Mannix
Minister (ex-officio, non-voting):
Rev. Amy DeBeck 
Ministry & Operations:
Convener:  (to be elected by the M&O at their first meeting of 2022-23)
Treasurer: Lynn O’Brien
Members at Large:
               Corinne Hauk
               Nick Pomo
               Randy Newnham
               Rita Sponenberg
        Minister (ex-officio, voting):
              Rev. Amy DeBeck