Speaker: Lauren Fritz

Reframing Aging

Angela Lavery, PhD, LCSW, FT Associate Professor at West Chester University We will be reframing aging, not as a problem or a disease, but as living. When we create age-friendly environments, it benefits everyone’s well-being

Friendsgiving Sunday!

You and yours are warmly invited to share in the joy of a Friendsgiving Service and meal together! Come enjoy Friendsgiving Sunday Service, with songs and messages that comfort and nurture our friendship souls, followed by a wonderful potluck meal.

Of One Inextricable Connection

When we listen to the visionaries of our time, they come back to the central tenant that we must realize we are one – beyond race, beyond caste, beyond opposing viewpoints. Explore this species dependent, inextricable connection with us today.

Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, we will reflect upon the indigenous belief that there is both feminine and masculine energy in all of us. We will explore how each one of us can bring the qualities of the feminine and our mother energy to the  healing and recreation so desperately needed in our world.


Today, from our own church sanctuary, we will consider what “sanctuary” means in our lives.  We all need places of refuge and protection; maybe now more than ever considering the continuous challenges we are being confronted with. What places, people, or practices feel like a sanctuary to you? In what ways are you yourself a … Continue reading Sanctuary

Navigating the Rocky Terrain

Relationships can be especially challenging to foster during these times, when it feels like strain and animosity are ramped up in our society as a whole. Today we’ll find perspective for engaging our hearts and minds in this work of connection, even in this most rugged terrain.

Change: Potential and Possibility

During times of uncertainty, it can feel like change is  happening ‘at’ us. Today, we will explore helpful ways that change can happen ‘with’  (and within) us in a more integrated way, both individually and in healthy community.