Speaker: Pat Uribe-Lichty

Subtle Acts of Exclusion

The focus of our worship service on Sunday April 21st will be exploring some of the many ways in which “Subtle Acts of Exclusion” happen in our lives.   Together we will begin to explore ways we might identify these very subtle words and actions that exclude others and, often, ourselves, from full empowerment in our communities.  

Shine On Beautiful & Resilient People 

 2023 DRUUMM Public Worship  September 24, 2023  –  (Recorded)  Diverse Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries Shine on resilient and beautiful people with DRUUMM for our annual public worship featuring a festival of Black and Brown joy and resilience through original works of music and preaching. Musical director Amanda Thomas and guest minister Rev. Katie Romano Griffin … Continue reading Shine On Beautiful & Resilient People 

Resiliency Practices

This morning we’ll consider the ways that spiritual practices can help us foster well-being and resilience. How are you practicing self-care, renewing hope and fostering connection? What tools might you add to your resources? Today, we welcome members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Athens-Sheshequin and Cortland to our service.