Speaker: Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees

Christmas Eve Service

Join us for a Christmas Eve Service filled with music, readings, candle-lighting, and a message of light. We will light the fifth, and final, Advent candle, UU style. You may view or download the complete UU Berks Advent Candle Wreath lighting here. … read more.

Lessons and Carols of Love

Join us for a festive celebration of the winter holidays with lessons and carols of the season. We will light the fourth Advent candle for love, UU style, and you may view or download the complete UU Berks Advent Candle Wreath lighting here. … read more.

Opening to Joy

The Christmas season is a joyful time, but many of us also come with losses, disappointments, and struggles. How do we open to joy even in the difficult times. We will light the third Advent candle, UU style, and you may view or download the … read more.

What Are We Waiting For?

As we move toward the winter holidays, we enter what has been, since most ancient times, the season of expectation and preparation. This morning we reflect on what it is we are waiting for. What are we preparing for? This Sunday is also the first … read more.

Halloween & Zen Ghosts

Join us to celebrate Halloween with a Zen Ghost story filled with magic and mystery. We’ll consider the disguises we sometimes wear, the ways we might act differently around different people, and which of those is the real “me.”

When To Rock the Boat

Arguing is seen as damaging to relationships. Yet arguing well can strengthen relationships and communities. This morning we’ll consider when we need to rock the boat to be true to ourselves, each other, and our values. This morning we welcome members of the Thomas Paine UU … read more.

The All-Together Promise

This morning we’ll look to the wisdom of the Universalist side of our religion. What insights and gifts does Universalism offer that help bring people together? Today is our monthly share-the-plate collection, this month for Habitat for Humanity. Send your check to UU Berks and … read more.

Cultivating Relationship

Often we devote our attention to how best to cultivate relationship. Today we turn our attention instead to which relationships to cultivate. What has the pandemic shown us about prioritizing essential relationships over those that are instrumental?