Month: June 2024

Univoice Weekly

Weekly News for the week of: June 30, 2024 This Sunday    DRUUMM’s Public Worship June 30, 2024 at 9:30 am “Choosing Joy!” brings together hundreds of UUs from around the world to hear Rev. Ali C Bell preach and experience the ensemble music led by Saunder Choi. Join us as we broadcast this service … Continue reading Univoice Weekly

Creating Joy Together

From the desk of your director of religious education, Ebee Bromley What we offer at UUBerks doesn’t get created without each and every one of you.  So this summer we’re highlighting reflections from our community members about what it means to them to co-create our community.  When it comes to learning and exploring our spiritual … Continue reading Creating Joy Together

Summer Update

Mike Mannix, Board President On May 19th there was a congregational meeting.  Amber Brown and Michael Mannix were voted into second terms on the Board of Directors.  Steph Elliot was voted to serve on the Ministry and Operations Team.  A budget for the 2024-25 church year was approved by the congregation.  It is a noteworthy … Continue reading Summer Update

this season

by nadine j. smet-weissspiritual director this seasonallow some spacein your daysmoments ofpresenceto witnessthe beautyof this worldtake it inthen let it shinethrough you