Creating Joy Together

From the desk of your director of religious education, Ebee Bromley

What we offer at UUBerks doesn’t get created without each and every one of you.  So this summer we’re highlighting reflections from our community members about what it means to them to co-create our community. 

When it comes to learning and exploring our spiritual world together, Where might your heart reside?  Let’s have a conversation

First up, long time member, Liz Eshelman reflects on what it has meant to her to spend time with our lower elementary schoolers this past year:

Liz shares: I’ve recently had the privilege of participating in RE with the lower elementary class. Our UU Berks children are a delight and very smart. Their infectious energy and their exceptionally open minded, warm-hearted worldview and their sparkling sense of humor are much needed by all of us now.

Decades ago I taught the preschool class every week. There were nice little lessons from the UUA that lasted 15 minutes (if that!) and I needed to supplement with picture books and extra projects and my own craft supplies.

The contrast with 2024 RE is incredible! The new Unitarian Universalist curricula options are excellent! The themed lessons are very clear and detailed and meaningful and offer a wide variety of possibilities for discussion, stories, songs, crafts and activities that could fit any teacher’s comfort level or number of children or age range.

Ebee and Erin and the devoted RE Executive Team have gathered the supplies and provide helpful guidance. Each class has a leader and an assistant. I treasure the new young friends I’ve made. We all volunteer once or twice a month.

I’m very thankful that Ebee invited me to participate and I invite everyone in the congregation—from 18 to 98—to consider becoming a leader or a helper. Spending time with our children at UUBerks is a happy experience for adults of all ages. Thank you.

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