Speaker: Jeanne Cocuzza

How’s Your Faith in Possibility Doing?

Historically, when others were preaching about a sinful world, our Unitarian Universalist religion saw potential. How about you? Are you trusting what’s possible and remaining hopeful and vulnerable? Who is helping you find the courage and inspiration when the path is rough? Today is our monthly share-the-plate collection, this month for Planned Parenthood Keystone. Send … Continue reading How’s Your Faith in Possibility Doing?

Striving for Beloved Community

We will explore how the actual meanings of what Jesus taught are good news for all people—leading to spiritual wholeness by calling us to dismantle oppressive systems.  Jesus, rather than maintaining the status quo, stood on the side of the marginalized. For Sunday’s worship, we are using the Zoom conferencing platform. It is easy to Zoom from … Continue reading Striving for Beloved Community