(So that you can follow where we are in this process!)

*Search Committee formed -bios on our website (Summer)

*Search Committee Retreat/Orientation -roles delegated (Aug.)

*Congregational Survey completed by congregation (Aug.-Sept.)

*Small Group Discussions/Focus Groups with congregation (Sept.- Oct.)

*Negotiating Team recommends contract/compensation to the Board. (November)

*Breaking Barriers, Building Beliefs Workshop held (virtually) with congregation (Dec. 1-2)

*Congregational Record made public by Search Committee. This information is then available for prospective ministers to view. (Dec. 1)

*Names of Ministers released to Search Committees (Jan.)

*Pre-Candidating Video Interviews (Jan.)

*Pre-Candidating Weekends (Feb.)

*Decision List to Transitions Office (first Monday after *8th Pre-Candidating weekend)

*Offer Date ( first Thursday after 8th Pre-Candidating weekend)

*Candidating Week (late April/early May)

*Congregation submits Notice of Call/Contract (soon after Candidating week)

*End of Interim Ministry (July)

*Arrival (August 1)

(After December, the Search Committee will go into a period of private deliberation. This is a normal part of the process. You will be able to know where we are on the timeline by these stepping stones. They will be on the website and posted in the Gerber Room. In faith and gratitude, Your Search Committee Team.)


Meet our committee 

I’m Jim Beidler (he/him). I became a member of First UU in 2015, previously having been a member of a United Church of Christ congregation, and appreciate the opportunities that UU communities afford their members to grow their spirituality in their own ways. I chair the Pledge campaign for 4 years and now serve as First UU’s trustee to the Pennsylvania Universalist Convention. I run two businesses, one dealing with genealogy (family trees) and the other that is a small tax office.

My name is Lauren Fritz. (she/her). I have been a Unitarian Universalist since childhood, and a member of our church for the past six years. I find this faith profoundly necessary in these times that challenge the basic rights of so many.  This faith is a joyful and deeply creative one for me.  I currently participate in worship associates and music ministries. I am a therapist who specialized in grief and trauma in private practice. I am also an enthusiastic supporter of rights for persons with disabilities, and have two children with Muscular Dystrophy.

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Hi! Randy Newnham here (he/him). I am a life-long UU, who grew up in the UU Fellowship of Centre County (State College PA) and later joined churches In Santa Monica CA and Salt Lake City UT, before coming to Reading in 1995. I was active in UU Young Adult groups earlier in my life, and here at UUBerksI have played a role in Worship Associates, RE Committee (also RE teacher), and most recently on the M&O Committee. I teach Political Science at Penn State Berks and have 2 teenaged boys

My name is Carla Mannix (she/her). I joined First UU Berks in 2005 because its strong Religious Education program nurtured my three children. My husband and I cherish the opportunity to bring all of our experiences of living in Christian, Hindu and Buddhist cultures to our faith. I have been the Family Promise church volunteer coordinator since 2008 and a Worship Associate since 2011.  I helped in the RE programs for many years and am currently active on the Social Justice Coordinating Team especially for racial and immigration justice programs. I am an educator at heart and currently direct academic support programs (tutoring, study groups, workshops) at a small university.

My name is Nadine, I use they/their pronouns. I was a lifelong Lutheran before beginning to attend the First UU Church of Berks County in the early 1990s and then joining in the later 1990s. In retrospect, I say, I was apparently a UU-Lutheran who eventually found home at FUUCBC where I currently co-facilitate a ‘Contemplative Companions’ group, offer Spiritual Direction, and participate as a worship associate. A native of Reading, I have held a variety of positions in local social services, primarily grassroots/non-profit. Today that experience combines with my intentional spiritual practice and deepening to inform my continued community engagement, both paid and unpaid. I find joy in human beings and in being human.

My name is Pat Uribe-Lichty; my pronouns are she and her.   I joined UUBerks 10 years ago.  At the national level, I am a member of DRUUMM.  In our congregation I participate with the Worship Associates, and am a co-convener of the 8th Principle Team which seeks to bring the 8th Principle to life in our congregation.  I also volunteer as a math tutor in the local community college’s GED program.