Listen Generously…

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.

Simone Weil

When making music, Attention to what’s going on around us, is possibly the most unspoken but necessary ability.  Attention can allow us to be generous with our fellow music makers and with ourselves.

Attention allows us to notice.  Notice who is playing, who isn’t.  And by noticing we can invite our own selves, in a generous way, to join in on the song. 

In this month, where we at UUBerks focus on what is the gift of generosity, what of your musical life can you share with others and yourself more deeply? 

Is there a song that when you hear it reminds you of someone?  

This week – Share it with them!

Might there be a piece of music that you’ve been starting to play again?

This month – Can we hear it?!

Do you join in on hymns at church?  Can you hear your voice mix with the voice across the room or across the zoom connection?

Next time – Listen for it!

May we all be generous music lovers and music makers this month 

One way you can do just this – Join us for our second Jam session of the year on Nov 19th after worship.

Your’s in Song,

Ebee Bromley

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