Songs for the Journey

Last week, I attended the Association for Unitarian Universalist Music Ministries Conference and Songleaders Convergence. It was restorative, regenerative, and reinvigorating. There will be many ways I’ll be sharing what I learned and relearned over the course of those six days with you this year. For now, I’m going to share three poems and song texts that were sung into the shared spaces of the conference. Do you know their melodies? Do ones of your own making spring up for you?

What We Need Is Here (x2)

  • Music That Makes Community

A Dedication

As for me and my house,

You will find us serving *truth,

*truth for all right now

* truth, peace, love, justice …..

  • By Lea Morris

Wanderer (english translation, dedicated to Mark Freundt, retired music director from UU Church of Greensboro)


There is no road

We make the road

as we go

  • Antonio Machado

I’m Not Alone

I’m not alone (x8)

I forgot for a minute who I belonged to

The mama earth, the wind + rain, the beauty + pain

I’m not alone

For me the world was created

I’m not alone

To dust I will return

  • Aly Halpert from album Loosen & Anat Hochberg

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