Month: August 2022

Building Update

The Building Keepers would like to put out a BIG THANK YOU to Greg D. and Dave W. for all their work on the new shelves in the kitchen utility closet. We removed the old metal shelves and installed permanent shelves with space underneath for the vacuum cleaner, rug cleaner … read more.

Univoice Weekly

Joni Mitchell stated in her song, Woodstock, that we are stardust, we are golden, and that we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.  On the anniversary of the Woodstock festival Rev. Amy asks and explores what that means for us, getting back to the garden.

Green Sanctuary 2030

Do you know anything about solar panels? How about HVAC heat pump systems? Have you heard about the UUA’s Green Sanctuary 2030 program? From their website:

The climate-change crisis with Global Warming is the existential threat to the human species and the web of life. It is the … read more.

*Backpack* Blessing

We will bless all of the tools for these endeavors and we’ll celebrate Woodstock along the way. * Wear your tie-dye and bring your thing to get blessed

* Things that might get blessed: backpack, musical instrument, planner, to-do list notebook, car keys, coach whistle, camera, stethoscope.

What will you be using regularly with you this year?

Univoice Weekly

“What Did you Bring Me?” When somebody arrives back home they might hear that question. Rev. Amy unpacks the suitcase (No, really. Backpack, too.) with you so that we all see what we will be working on, together in this interim ministry.

here now

by nadine j. smet- weiss

spiritual director 

we are here now

on the threshold

of a new beginning

who we have been

informing our future

yet not determining 

who we become

if we can

meet each moment

with this wisdom

and awake to 

our deepest desires

we will become

the change

we imagine