Let Yourself Be Transformed! Wednesday February 21st, 2024 -

Have you ever been transformed by a piece of music? Maybe that’s to lofty a question. Have you ever felt or thought one thing before a song came on the radio or before a rehearsal and then felt completely different when that musical moment was finished? I still have seared into my bones how experiencing Ralph ...

The Gift of Liberating Love Thursday December 21st, 2023 -

How do we access liberating love? How do we notice the love that is here? The love that could be here if we nurture it, if we say yes to it? Sometimes a song can help us do that. For me a song that acts as the key to open the door ...

Listen Generously… Wednesday October 25th, 2023 -

May we all be generous music lovers and music makers this month.

This is Your Song Tuesday July 25th, 2023 -

“This is your chance! I believe everyone has at least one good song in them. There is spirit waiting to break through in all of us, if we are open to it.”

Hymn Highlight: #1022 Open The Window Thursday June 01st, 2023 -

Delight, our theme for the month, and delicious share etymological root.  This feels right, delight can feed the soul in a joyful way.  We have to open up and let delight in for it to do so.   This framework makes me think of Elise Witt’s song in our teal hymnal #1022 “Open The Window.”  Her ...