A playlist that love built …

Have you ever been gifted or have you ever gifted to someone a playlist?  Was it to give to a new love?  Was it to share with an old friend?  Was it to help you mark a season of life? 

Whether it was through 8-track, tape, cd, or digital link – I bet in whatever format it was created,  it was created from love.  

As we live into this month of exploring “the path of love”, I’m reflecting on how throughout time, one of the roles music has played is to capture great emotions and actions like love.  

For as J.D. McClatchy said “Love is the quality of attention we pay to things”  

It takes some attention to choose songs and to listen closely to what someone has shared with you. 

I’m curious what your mixtape of your relationship with Unitarian Universalism would be.  What’s the first song that you remember?  What song makes you think of UUism?

Here’s a sample from mine:

Way too many left on the cutting room floor for this list of 10.  Share with me – what would make it on your list this year?

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