A Bubble Meditation

Last month our nursery coordinator, Ms Barb Kolar, shared her home altar on our RE facebook group. On her altar sits a jar of bubbles. Would you join me this month in a bubble meditation?

This one is adapted from Mellisa Dormoy of ShambalaKids.

Lower your gaze or close your eyes and take a very deep breath. Pretend your tummy is a balloon and as you inhale, make that balloon as big as you can.

Now, exhale and release it all. Let’s do that again now…inhale fully and make the balloon any color you want. As you do this, allow your arms and legs to get as floppy as a rag doll. Just let them get heavy and loose…all limp and relaxed. They feel so heavy it’s as if you don’t even want to move them because they are just so very relaxed! Just allow your body to continue relaxing while we use our imaginations to picture something wonderful!

In your mind, pretend you are pulling, a big magical bubble blower out of your pocket. It looks like any bubble blower but this one is special. It has been small in your pocket, but as you pull it out, you realize it becomes enormous!

It’s a lot bigger than any bubble blower you’ve ever seen. In your other hand, imagine you have a big bottle of magic bubble soap. Put the blower into the thick magic bubble liquid…and get it nice and wet.

Now you can start to blow through the bubble blower to make your gigantic bubble. As you do this, I want you to put ANY WORRY or fear you have about anything …into that bubble.

Just blow it in there! Then continue blowing the bubble until you think it’s big enough. Nod your head when you’ve done that.

As you finish, watch how a very strong friendly wind comes along and carries your worry bubble far, far away…it carries it so far away that you will never have to worry about that again.

It’s leaving now. Watch as it goes.

You can blow up as many bubbles as you need to with your special bubble blower. Put anything in there that is bothering you and watch as the wind carries the bubbles far, far away.

You can use this magic bubble blower whenever you need to…just by imagining it in your mind.

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