Striking a Chord

We were perfectly happy with the chord on the left.  It’s easy to play on the piano at least.  That chord is probably one of the first things piano folx learn how to play.   

The middle one makes the same chord, same notes but it’s harder.  The middle chord we have to stretch our eyes.  We have to look at the whole page, and for many it’s not as easy, there’s more time involved in reading that larger space of paper.

Ok. Ok… this is a pretty niche joke right here.  I think though that even the non music readers in the room can get a taste of this joke.  For the music readers it can really strike the right chord with how we’ve been experiencing music making and life in general through this lock-down.  

And the last chord on the righthand side are the same letter notes but now in a different order.  It’s an inversion – like I took myself and stood upside down – it’s a completely changed chord with the same parts it started with. 

What chord do you most identify with right now? 

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