The Awe of a Simple Melody

In this month of Awe I share with you a lullaby from our hymnals – highlighted as the “Song of the Month” in our Soul Matters materials: 

#230 “Duermete, Niño Lindo” is found in our grey hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition, published in 1993 (close to 30 years ago) and is a Mexican folk song.  It showed up more broadly in american pop culture in 1961 through American composer Norman Dello Joio’s song based on this lullaby called “The Holy Infant’s Lullaby” for the TV opera, “The Saintmaker’s Christmas Eve”.  Once again it showed up in a pop culture through an episode of “Touched By an Angel” in 1997 where this song saves lives. 

When we sing lullabies, or “arrullos,” or “canciones de cuna,” or “nanas,” as a congregation I am  and you might be drawn into the tenderness of life that these songs bring forth.    

What lullabies did you hear, do you hear today, or do you sing today? 

As you go about your month, here is a playlist of songs capturing the euphoria of Awe in forms both quiet and loud. 

Here Duermete, Niño Lindo here:

 Mexican lullaby/folksong Video: 

From New Mexico Folk Recordings:

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