Annual Holiday Gift Tree

Our church community will again be participating in the Berks Connections Pretrial Services (BCPS) holiday gift tree. The gifts will go to families with a parent that is in the Berks County Prison. The gifts are given to the families at a holiday party.

Kent and Rachel Gutzler will have tags available with the child’s information this Sunday, Nov 17th or you can email Kent at to request a name. 

We suggest a gift value of $25 and no gift cards. Each tag lists interests of the child.

Wrapped Gifts to be dropped off at church Nov 17th or 24th

If you do not want to shop, but want to buy a child a gift, We will shop for you. Donations can also be pooled if $25 is not in your budget, but $5 is in your budget.

Any questions, call Kent at 610-780-5162

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