There is a love

In this month where we can be bombarded by conversation hearts and chocolates – I’m reminded that while valentines day can get stuck on one kind of love the ancient Greeks identified 8 different types of love.  I’m also reminded that unconditional love, affectionate love, love of self, familiar love, enduring love, and playful love can all help us strengthen our resiliency. For yes while I can tell myself “I can do it” I can also remind myself “I don’t have to do it alone.” 

Rev. Dr.  Parker wrote “There is a love holding me/us.  There is a love holding all that I/we love. There is a love holding all. I/We rest in this love.”  One of the ways I find deeper love and I can say those “I/We can do it” affirmations a little stronger is to sing the song that Beth Norton wrote these words for. 

6 Hymns that also strengthen and spring me back to life:

6 Just As Long As I Have Breath

123 Spirit Of Life 

398 I Know This Rose Will Open

1002 Comfort Me

1013 Open My Heart

1009 Meditation On Breathing

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