We’re On Our Way!

For hundreds of thousands of years singing and songs have been a tool to bolster our courage.

Another way we can “have heart” when faced with a path that feels daunting is to use curiosity and a spirit of adventure!

In September we sang a song written many years ago by children from Adelphi College’s Children’s Center for the Creative Arts.

Listen to our congregation sing “The Adventurer

Read these words.

We’re on our way on the Adventurer

In search of treasures rare

To find ourselves within a world

To find within ourselves a world

And what we find we share.

– from the Children’s Center for the Creative Arts, Adelphi College, 1982

– thank you to Emily Bengels, director of music for First Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hunterdon County in Baptistown, NJ for sharing this song with me.

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