Changes to Special Plate

In communication with the Social Justice Coordinating Committee, we would like to change the Special Plate Collection process. Rather than selecting new organizations every six months, we propose selecting 8 organizations that we support consistently for the next 3 years. This allows our congregation to develop and deepen more supportive relationships with these organizations. It also helps the organizations know they will be receiving donations from us for a certain time period. We will leave 1 month open every year in case a cause comes up that the congregation would like to contribute to that year, such as local relief, emergency, special needs, etc.

Under each category, we have listed several organizations that have been nominated repeatedly over the past 10 years. We will ask you to vote for your TOP 2 organizations within each category. We will make sure every category is represented in the final eight choices.

If you have questions, contact Cyndi Dimovitz at or 610-334-8309.

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