Put Forth Your Pledge Toward FUUBC’s “Emerging Transitions”

We’re beginning our 2022-2023 pledge campaign for the fiscal year beginning July 1 with the theme of “Emerging Transitions: Coming Changes Create Pledge Opportunities.”

You likely have already received a flier about pledging by postal mail that includes a letter from Pledge team member Nic Stoltzfus. Copies are also available in the Gerber Room.

More of our activities are pivoting to in-person and our opportunity is to make the most of continuing as a multi-platform church community. With the announcement of Rev. Fees’s retirement, we have a transition that initially may challenge us to see the opportunity inherent in the inevitability of such changes over the life of a congregation.

To allow a budget to be put together based on the pledges in time for May’s Congregational Meeting, it would be great to have all pledges in by the end of March.

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