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June 5, 2022

This Sunday:

From birth to death, our congregation celebrates life and marks life transitions. This morning we hold these moments with gratitude and reverence, and join in a Bridging Ceremony for Evan Greusel.


Tonight – FRIDAY

7:00 PM:

  • From SoulMatters: As Unitarian Universalists, we formally celebrate the blessing of our Earth’s clean waters during our Water Ceremony, usually held around September. Use this story in June to help prime the pump for that theme at summer’s end! Not all cultures have origin stories for clean water, and not all locations around North America have the same relationship to clean water. Before you tell this tale, share a little bit about the landscape where this story originated, and the Navajo people from whom it came. The story is told in the beautiful picture book, Snail Girl Brings Water: A Navajo Story, by Dineh storyteller Geri Keams (whose bio you can read here) and Richard Zeiler-Martin, from 1998.

  • questions you can ask: What’s so important about fresh water? ● Where does your community’s fresh water come from? ● Why didn’t the Water Clan think to send Snail Girl at the beginning of the quest? ● Why was Snail Girl able to bring back the fresh water when Otter, Beaver, Frog, and Turtle couldn’t? ● At first, Snail Girl was worried that her effort wasn’t good enough. But what actually happened? ● Tell about a time that you didn’t get the job done perfectly, or quickly, but that because of your work, the thing got done just the same.


*******  different timing this week – Adult and Children’s RE participants, 
we gather in the afternoon at West Reading Playground for church wide walk for Family Promise.

10:30- Worship Service- All Ages

  • We explore what it means to travel to a new you

  • Coloring Sheet: Chalice stone labyrinth 

  • Use a printed or hand labyrinth to find renewal as you attend worship this morning. Here’s a labyrinth you can print out and trace.  Labyrinth Printable

  • Practice your Searching and Creative skills with Spark Maze

Afternoon – Family Promise Walk:


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Effective June 1, 2022 until further notice 

Given the evolving nature of the pandemic, the FUUBC Board will be making ongoing evaluations on a regular basis. We are using available metrics from:

FULL VACCINATION STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: FUUBC strongly encourages all those who can be vaccinated to be vaccinated, including boosters as appropriate. The church will be requiring proof of vaccination for the Minister, staff, guest speakers, and all RE volunteers. 

MASKING RECOMMENDED: FUUBC strongly encourages attendees at worship services and other large gatherings to wear masks.



In gathering together, we promise to: 

  1. Wear masks when recommended by CDC guidelines. 
  2. Do not attend in person gatherings if you are not feeling well or if you have been directly exposed to Covid-19.
  3. Gain consent before touching or hugging others. Be mindful of varying levels of comfort and safety with social distancing when approaching others.
  4. Find ways to be inclusive of individuals who cannot be vaccinated, who may be immunocompromised, or who have hearing impairments. 
  5. Prioritize the safety of the whole community over our own individual sense of what is safe for ourselves.
  6. Give and accept reminders of these ground rules gracefully. 
  7. Assume good intentions, but also accept that policies and these ground rules will guide our actions. 
  8. Respect the authority of the people making policies. 

* adapted from Ground Rules by Carol Gay, UU Congregation of Cleveland

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