Our Stories

In July and August, the Soul Matters group encourages us choose our own theme,
or even forego the thematic schedule. We decided to have a summer theme, for
July and August—Our Stories. Even as we welcome guests to the pulpit, stories
will abound. The act of coming together to hear the goings-on of other people,
other places, is a big part of human civilization. Our religions, too. How else do
we find out about the world unless diverse people share their stories?

In July and August, invite and bring friends. Most people who have had it in their
minds to find a church community for themselves or their kids “church shop” over
the summer. There was a time when “polite conversation” stayed away from
politics and religion, so it would seem awkward to push our religion on somebody
else. But it is no longer the 1950’s with those standards of etiquette. With religion
and politics being forefront in so many decisions effecting American families
today, UU Berks is the sanctuary for many people and their families that they do
not know exists.

This summer let your story include that time you were an evangelist and welcomed
that co-worker to UU Berks, or brought the neighbor, or drove your kid’s bestie to
church after a summer backyard campout. Create the church community you wish
to attend.
And, just because summer makes me think of all the prizes we got for attending
Vacation Bible School when I was a kid, there is now a prize closet for July and
August! But you must listen and be able to answer the questions! Come and
renew your faith by sharing it with others!
In peace and love
Rev. Amy