2023 UU Gift Tree

Hello UU Berks

Our community will once again be participating in the Berks Connection Pretrial Services (BCPS) holiday gift tree event. We have been given 25 names of children whose parent or guardian is currently incarcerated at the Berks County Prison. For some of these children, this may be the only gift they receive. BCPS hosts a big family event and hands out the gifts. My wife, Rachel, and I have been coordinating this event for 19 years and are always amazed at the generosity of our church members. If you want to participate, contact me and I will provide you with the child’s name, age, gift ideas, and clothing size. I suggest a budget of about $40, but smaller monetary gift  donations can be made and I will combine them to purchase gifts. Additionally, if you want to participate, but can not get out to shop, I will be happy to shop for you. 

***Please remember to include your child’s name and family number on the gift bags. I would really appreciate the gifts be returned by Nov. 19th.

Please Drop Off With Melissa at Church or Contact Kent Gutzler at 610-780-5162 or kgutzler@goberkscounty.com to arrange drop off

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