Mark Your Calendars

Save the date for the following events:

Saturday, April 13: Annual Service Auction

Friday April 26th -Saturday April 27th: Group Camping at French Creek

Sunday, August 25: Church Picnic in the Park

2 Responses to “Mark Your Calendars

  1. Critical information missing: time of day for all events, and locations for events not held in the church. Should I assume that it will come in email? But the email led me here…so, suppose I go to French Creek at 12pm and nobody’s there until 2pm. That means I have to wait for 2 hours until everyone else gets there. Or, if I’m busy on the 26th, I might arrive after everyone has left, if they’re required to leave in the morning of the 27th. And of course, the directions to the campsite have not been provided. (Google allows you to get directions to coordinates that you create by dropping a pin). For the picnic in the park, the name of the park has not been provided. So, I’d theoretically be traveling to every park until I found the one the group was at, and by that time, the event would be over. Without such basic information, how is anybody supposed to get there?

  2. Ok. I get it now. Everybody must know the times and locations from last year for French Creek and the picnic in the park. But like, for me, I usually plan whole months at a time. And if I have to bike, I have to think four hours in advance. I don’t think I’ll do the overnight because I don’t have a tent. Can anyone carpool?

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