October’s theme: Belonging

What Does It Mean To Be a People of Belonging

There are invisible lines
connecting everything together,
and I am particularly fond
of the one that connects me to you.
~ Gabriel Andreasm, “Heart Lines” (StoryPeople)

Which invisible lines are you particularly fond of? To whom or what are you most deeply connected? To whom or what do you belong? I am particularly fond of the invisible lines that connect me to friends, family, my partner Christopher, my cat Shadow, my religious community, trees, birds, the ocean and sky, my neighborhood, poets and writers, religious leaders and thinkers, art, my porch, my parents and grandparents who are deceased now, my childhood home, ideas, the seminary I attended, my memories, my dreams, books, blueberries, beebalm, lavender. The Holy. The more I add to this list, the more points of connection I discover.

This network of belonging keeps me centered and supported. It grounds me and makes me feel grateful. It inspires me to be my best self and reminds me that I am loved, even when I’ve fallen short of being my best self. And it brings me joy. Belonging does that.

Which invisible lines are you particularly fond of? This month, I encourage you to name those to whom you belong.

Yours in love and faith,
Rev. Sandra

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