Practices for Liberation through Song

  1. Try Mindfulness by listening to the world around you – take 2 min or even 30 seconds to disengage from what you’re doing and notice what’s around you.
  2. Try Mindfulness by listening to yourself – What is the ear worm in your head connecting you to and telling you about the moment?
  3. Try Mindfulness by doing – we are embodied beings.  This time in our lives, many of us are being called to use our bodies less or use them in different ways than usual by distancing.  Music is the way that we can have an embodied connection across distance!
    • So use your bodies the way you do best, maybe that’s singing, maybe that’s playing an instrument, maybe that’s turning your stereo up real loud and dancing your hearts out – maybe it’s turning it up loud enough so your neighbor can dance with you too! (make sure to ask first on that one!)
    • Here’s a playlist on liberation to get you started

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