In A World…

For many normally this season is filled with summer blockbusters.  I love a good summer blockbuster.  A fantasy or sci-fi or good old Superhero tale helps me stretch my imagination – suspend my disbelief muscles – and dream. 

Last week I attended the General Assembly of the UUA.  Lots of you came to Sunday morning worship at G.A. this year.  The week preceding was filled with our faith’s annual U.S.A. denomination gathering business. Something close to 5,000 Unitarian Universalists from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Philippines, and beyond came together over Zoom to vote on denominational concerns, to learn, to work together, and to worship. 

In the days leading up to G.A. I was with my religious educator colleagues and I kept hearing one idea come up again and again.  

We Can Not Achieve What We Can Not Imagine!

I’m reminded that so much of what a fantasy like Star Trek imagined 50 years ago is now in some part our everyday world (cell phones anyone?).  So in a world where many of us have “normal” suspended.  Let’s use this time to imagine!  What if we were building this world, this community, this life from the scratch?  What would you start with? Who would be in your community?  How would you work together? What could you learn? How could you play? 

This summer – Let’s imagine together. 

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