Minister’s Discretionary Fund & UU Berks Covid Fund

During Rev. Sandra Fees’s sabbatical, Jane Rohrbach, member of the Caring Circle and Nadine Smet-Weiss, member of Ministry & Operations and Treasurer, will be responding to requests for assistance from the Minister’s Discretionary Fund & the UU Berks Covid Fund.

These funds are intended to provide one-time financial support for members and friends of our congregation as well as for individuals referred by our members.

The Minister’s Discretionary Fund provides for short-term financial needs during difficult economic times. The fund is made possible by donations from members of our congregation and are used to make one-time payments for rent, mortgage, utility bills, phone bills, and other practical needs.

The UU Berks Covid Fund is also made possible by the donations of members. This fund was established for the specific purpose of providing assistance for Covid-related concerns due to illness, job loss, or other needs.

For more information or to contact Jane and Nadine, please leave a comment here or contact the church office.

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