Gardening with Family Promise

In the past year, we have listened to many who have asked for opportunities to engage with the clients experiencing homelessness. Family Promise is happy to announce that we are planning an Earth Day of community service on April 17th, from 10:00am-12:00pm at our Meade Street apartment shelter. 

Our goal is to plant seeds and flowers to spruce up the backyard and provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables for clients staying in our shelter. We are also interested in planting a butterfly garden to register with the state conservation department. During this day, our clients will be on site working alongside those who register for this event. Face masks will be worn when within 6 feet of others, and there will be a capacity of 25 people to this event. It is not open to the public and is solely for partner congregation members who want to engage with current clients. We will have a special guest from the Venom Institute, Mr. Rudy Arceo, who will be doing an educational workshop for the children in the program. He will also be helping me plan out the necessary plants and flowers for the butterfly garden, since this is also a specialty of his. . We would love those with gardening experience to grace us with their presence!

Please let Carla know ASAP at if you are interested in attending or donating to this project. 

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